As the Head of Commercial Sales, I have the unique prospective of working with all of LifeEnergy's partners throughout the domestic United States. I will say that International Power Trade is at the top of that group. The International Power Trade team are diligent in delivering the best options to their customrs. If you are looking for a guide through the competitive retail power landscape, International Power Trade is an excellent choice.

I highly recommend International Power Trade to anyone who requires help with their energy procurement.

I conntected with International Powertrade this past winter to help my organiation secure an all fixed energy rate for the next 3 years. They were very transparant in going through all of the information with me. The process was easy and took little of my time enabline me to get a great KW rate without using a middleman. I was very happy with the outcome and knew I would be saving significant dollars on my utility bills over the next three years.

I would highly recommend them to anyone in the future.

I was very happy with the rates that our energy broker had given us. Then I got a call from Alan Dukart at International Power Trade who said, "If you think this is such a great rate, let’s use that rate as your reserve bid at the auction." We ended up doing just that and one of International Power Trade’s suppliers beat it. So, when our current contract expires, we will now have a new lower rate for all of my Dunkin restaurants.

International Power Trade will be saving me a ton of money with this new rate, and there was virtually no work on my part. I would highly recommend them to anyone who has a commercial buisness, as they have a very transparent way of finding out what rate you really can get using 30 suppliers bidding on your buisness.